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Feynman slash notation

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    I need to insert the slash notation, [tex] A\!\!\!/ [/tex] , into a Mathematica document. I have searched high and low, but find nothing on this.
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    Interesting problem! I found a limited workaround, but hopefully Wolfram includes these characters in a future update. Here is the partial solution:

    Code (Text):
    DisplayForm[RowBox[{"A", AdjustmentBox["", BoxMargins -> {{0.1, -1.35}, {0.4, 0.2}}], "/"}]]
    This solution is has the following weaknesses:

    1) It produces a string, rather then a symbol. Attempting to convert it to an expression produces an error.

    2) The slash only appears correctly in DisplayForm, it instead appears as A/ in StandardForm and InputForm.

    3) It doesn't scale well with size, you will have to adjust the -1.35 parameter to get this right. The character looks correct to me on a 19" 1280x1024 with no magnification and Mathematica's default 12pt courier font. Any other configuration will probably require fiddling with the -1.35.

    I'm sorry the solution is so limited, you could try posting this question to the MathGroup moderated forum, and at least hopefully someone at Wolfram will patch this missing feature in an update.
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    Good effort, it works! It's a pity that it's too limited for my purposes though. I'll drop a message at the MathGroup forum.
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