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Feynmann lectures

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    I'm a high school student. I wanted to know if I can go for the Feynmann lectures. Please notify me about the mathematical and other requirements for it.
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    Feynman is long dead, so no, you can't go to his live lectures. =)
    His lectures are in a 3 volume set and can be read by anyone. His videos can also be easily seen online just by Googling.
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    First it's Feynman with one <n>. Second, his famous lectures from '62 which are found in printed form are delivered to an audience of college students, not HS. Thus the mathematics involved is typically college (partial derivatives, multiple integrals, differential equations, linear algebra for QM part,...).

    BUT there are chapters especially in the first 2 volumes which use HS mathematics and can be read & understood by an HS student, which is why it's recommendable to read them before going to college.
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    Definitely: YES! And I encourage you.
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    Even if you don't understand some of the math, you will likely understand his explanations. After you learn the math, the real trick is figuring out what the math means...that's where guys like Feynmann excel...
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    I wish I knew of the feynman lectures in high school

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    As stated above, even if you don't quite get all the math, he is amazing at expressing ideas in layman terms. I am sure anyone interested in any science will find him fascinating. You can watch the Messenger Series (from 1964) here, legally:
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