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Feynman's Derivation

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    Does anyone know where I can find Feynman's derivation of the Universal Law of Gravitation?
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    You can't. Feynman never derived the "Universal Law of Gravitation".
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    Really? I heard that he did without using calculus, and I am interested...

    "Richard Feynman, Nobel-prize winning maverick physicist, rederived such a proof (as have some distinguished predecessors."

    ...taken from http://www-spof.gsfc.nasa.gov/stargaze/Sgravity.htm

    I was just wondering if there was a resource online for this (rather than going out and getting the book).
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    Doc Al

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    Feynman started with Newton's Law of Gravity and derived Kepler's Laws, using his own geometrical arguments based on properties of ellipses. I don't know where you can find it online.
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    Andrew Mason

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    That is correct. The book is Feynman's Lost Lecture and is sold with a CD of the actual recording of the lecture by Feynman.

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