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Feynman's Lost Lecture

  1. Sep 9, 2003 #1
    Would you like to listen a lesson from Richard Feynman?

    OK OK. Click the link to listen a lesson about solar system.

    At the destination page click the link at the bottom.( 17.4 MB)
    Don't worry about the file size - it's screaming.


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  3. Sep 9, 2003 #2
    the page doesn't load

  4. Sep 10, 2003 #3


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    Well, I certainly don't want to listen to Feynman screaming!
  5. Sep 15, 2003 #4
    It loads.:smile:
  6. Sep 15, 2003 #5
    This comes as a CD and book in
    a set. I just checked it out of
    the library. Feynman talks like
    Jackie Mason. I wasn't expecting
    There's a long, interesting
    sequence after the lecture is
    over when a couple/three guys
    come up and start asking quest-
    ions. Feynman seems to have
    forgotten he's still got his mike
    on. Interesting to hear him in
    this informal setting.
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    Feynman's voice is at once both entertaining and serious. Some of his lectures are so profoundly easy to follow that I occassionally find myself repeating some of his sentences in my head -- and they're in his New York accent.

    - Warren
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