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Feynman's Statistical Mechanics Book

  1. Jun 24, 2008 #1
    hello, i'm trying to learn statistical mechanics with feynman's book
    he seems to have a lot of times where he thinks something is very clear and then it will take me a few pages of working things out to get what he has jumped to.
    i'm having one of those moments on page 15.
    i was wondering if anyone has gotten through this one, it is where he substitutes
    and gets the new hamiltonian at the top of the next page, i am really at a loss how this turns the momentum operator into having the [tex]Q_[\alpha}[/tex] in the differential denominator.

    more useful i guess, has anyone found an errata or explanation site for this book? i know when i read his path integrals book there was something like 1000 errors throughout the 400 or so pages and an oberlin professor kept a log of them all. he also had downloadable packets that explained the opaque sections in greater clarity.

    thanks a lot,

    josh S
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