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FFT processor

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    Hello. I'm looking for a "simple" FFT processor able to process an 8 bits input in an array of at least 512 pts with a speed of at least 20 MHz. I've precised "simple" instead of certain TI DSP with up to 196 pins !!! I only need FFT nothing else. Does it exist ? Thanks by advance for replies.
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    Tough to answer without checking the DS of a bunch of processors - Digikey sort may help

    Do you just want the processor - for a product development, or is this a one off build - although a Dev Kit would help with both.
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    Does that mean you want to process the whole array from input time domain data to output frequency domain data once every 1/20MHz = 50ns? That's pretty fast for a simple processor, IMO. There may be some purpose-built chips that can be used to pipeline and accelerate the transform, though.

    EDIT -- Or do you mean you just want your hardware clock for this processing to run at 20MHz? How often do you need for the FFT to complete?
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    If the 20MHz is the data acquisition rate, then it can be done continuously on an Intel CPU in a PC.
    There is code available for FPGAs that will generate pipelined parallel FFT processors for the highest speeds.
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    Thanks for your replies.
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