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FFT Question with Notation

  1. Jan 23, 2012 #1
    http://carlodelmundo.com/fft.png [Broken]

    Quoted from a paper research paper: DUHAMEL,[/PLAIN] [Broken] P., AND VETTERLI, M. 1990. Fast fourier transforms: a
    tutorial review and a state of the art, Signal Processing 19, 4, 259–299

    Question on this statement,
    I don't quite understand why we "normalize" in this phase. What new insights can one ascertain from this normalization process? To me, the Math is legal, but the justification isn't quite elucidated. Perhaps it's just syntax, can someone explain why what the subscript in x0l really means (e.g.: how have we reached this conclusion and how does it help us)
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