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FFT, signal processing

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    Hi, I have a complex time signal x(t)=X1*exp(i*∅)+X2*exp(i*2*∅). On converting to frequency domain, i expect frequency components at ω and twice of ω (when ∅=ω*t). FFT gives the desired frequencies, but the amplitudes donot correspond to X1 and X2. I understand that this is due to the phase difference between the signals X1*exp(i*∅1) and X2*exp(i*2*∅). My question is how should i get back the amplitudes X1,X2,... when multiple frequency components exist in the signal.

    P.S: when only x(t)=X1*exp(i*∅1);am able to get back X1 in the fft.

    Thanks in advance.
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