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Fiber optics and lens physics

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    Whom might be talking on this area?
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    MW Masailo, Welcome to Physics Forums! Here we have many well-educated and long-experienced members, all ready and willing to assist any true "searcher" of scientific knowledge.

    If you have a question or if you are unsure about some aspect of fiber optics and lens physics, you would assist our members in formulating some useful response for you if you would specify exactly what you are searching for. You should be sure to include the Reference that you are using.

    Cheers, Bobbywhy
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    Looking for those that talk about through lens with fiber optic.
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    Using fiber optic in a waveguide style. Putting a hole into a lens then string the fiber through like a beaded necklace.
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    Since the fiber's operates on the principle of total internal reflection,
    there will be little light escaping from the fiber to interact with the lens.
    The only way to get limited light out of the side of a fiber, is to bend it
    in a way that violates the total internal reflection, or to remove some of the
    higher index cladding.
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    SO an array style optical is out the question, I am using a Brewster window with a hole drill through it. Polished and everything. Thought that the phasing light wave as seen when coiled could transfer from one fiber to another. Or so the effect was seen. The electron wire array with ferrite bead is what I thought is simular as if as my idea. So a corona flash does not emulate of the fiber or not well enough to make the transfer.
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    Could you believe in creating or except the idea of a corona flash system. Using the corona in the same array.
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