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Fibre optic concentrator

  1. Nov 3, 2015 #1
    By what we know, optic cable can guide waves by TIR. So what if it guides into itself, for instance, to keep it virtually flat and high angle reflection; I lay cable around the circumference of the planet and it loops back into itself with double entry: one guided and other newly introduced with my original light source, would that 1)create a similar effect as laser coherence thus enabling a means of high energy concentration or 2) create a purely probabilistic output of constructive and destructive interference thus limiting the power to a certain value of standard deviation after infinite cycles?
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    Nope. The light would be incoherent due to the availability of multiple paths to take while in transit through the cable and dispersion.

    Some amount of light is absorbed by the cable every unit of distance, so you're already limited to how long of a cable you can bend into a circle before you lose essentially all of the input light before it comes back around.
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