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Fictional Question

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    Ya I got a question. Look see, I was wondeirng. There is this epsiode in Transformers where cybertron is about to crash into earth. Now, it probbaly has the mass of earth and size of the moon. Lets just use those variables for this. It was visibly bigger then the moon when it was crashing into earth, so much that it looked like this: http://www.camphortree.net/tf/tf-images/shot2.jpg before it was blown away. Ok, so heres a image: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct...mfemaTaDVNhUXc1PjQClQytA&ust=1467169531865229

    I wanna know how big of an explosion it would take to send it flying out of earths atmosphere and out of the solar system at a decent speed like in the episode? i dont know any physics. I wanna know how you got the answer, that is a lot of what interest me. I know there are a lot of variables here that need to be guessed and complex physics. But the episode is countdown to extinction if yall are wondering.
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    There aren't really a lot of variables. It's Newtonian physics, you have a mass moving at a vector and you want to change the vector. Determine the force required to make the change.
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    but they are planets, which means relativity though right? they have references to eacxh toher. ok, maybe not. I dont know, I did not finish high school, I know I am dumb, but how would this be worked out??
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    Try the sci fi forum for such questions.
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    I've moved the thread to the sci-fi forum.
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    well i reposted it though, but ok
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    I've deleted the other thread. Just use this one.
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