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Field Notes About English Animal Mutilations: Linda Moulton Howe

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    Ivan Seeking

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    The link you provide is for Earthfiles subscribers only. Inasmuch as this is currently (11 Nov. 2014) the only thread on Physics Forums pertaining to animal mutilations which has not yet been locked down, I hope it would not be inappropriate for me to comment about these phenomena in general.

    If nothing else, this mystery, and the reaction or lack thereof by the scientific community at large, IMO says a lot about human nature. None of the explanations given seem particularly credible. Yet so many choose one and decide to go no further. I realize that a "woowoo" explanation is not appropriate here, and I concede there is virtually no direct evidence for such an explanation anyway. My intended point is, this is a real mystery. Isn't scientific discovery all about solving real mysteries? Why is Linda Moulton Howe nearly the only person who even appears to pursue this topic?
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    Please note that the original post is 11 years old, and it was made when PF was very young.
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    Showing your age Astro ... :D
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    Since most kids start learning to read at age 6, the fact that Asto has been here for at least 11 years means, logically, that he must be at least 17.
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    Astro made no claim to remembering the post from when it was first posted. It is only necessary for him to be able to read to know the posting date. Therefore, his knowing the posting date says nothing about when he joined. As you say, he can read, so that says something, but he might have learned this precociously. He might actually be as young as 3.
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    The next step beyond necroposting is paleoposting?
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