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Field of a moving electron

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    Is only Spininig electron not in linear motion produce magnetic field?and similarly only an electrone in linear motion can produce magnetic field?
    One of my friend is telling that the magnetic field is produced by only spining and not by linear motion of charge is he is true?
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    Hi waqarrashid33! :smile:

    An electron must spin.

    The spin of an electron is completely fixed in magnitude … only its direction can change.

    The spin is a magnetic moment, and therefore is the source of a (mostly dipole) magnetic field … see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_moment#Elementary_particles".

    Obviously, a moving electron (like any other moving charge) also produces a magnetic field.

    But you cannot have an electron (moving or stationary) without spin.
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    Let suppose it charge which is not spining but moving?
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