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Field Theory - bending of light due to

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    Mar 29 (from my journal site)

    "What we know. The force of gravity is much greater here on the face of the Earth opposed to the far upper atmosphere of our planet. Yet it is around a planet that we typically observe and associate with the bending of light. Here on the face of the Earth it Appears for the most part that light travels great distances in a straight line Contradictory to the greater force of gravity. It could be that light does in fact bend on the face of the Earth substantially (substantially more correct?) but IS IT ENOUGH to credit the bending of light to gravity? I Really question this. I could more quite easily explain the bending of light is due to not gravity but the magnetic field, which would give a reason why light travels straight here on the face of the Earth opposed to the upper atmosphere where the magnetic field has a greater influence.

    Of course in any such debate on the matter the word blackhole would no doubt come up trying to convince me that I am wrong. Then I guess I would ask why can't a super strong magnetic field be associate with a blackhole?"
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    1.Light is electromagnetic field...Charged particles and gravitational sources may affect the propagation of light...Light,being a wave,would interfere,but it's not the case in your image...
    2.An electrically charged rotating blackhole generates a magnetic field.

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    Gravity (from earth) is so miniscule in its effect on light that it can be ignored. The bending of light through the atmosphere is a refraction effect due to the change (decrease) in air density with altitude.
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