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Fields existing or created

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    To keep it simpler let take the electromagnetic (EM) field.

    A photon, in one perspective, can be described as an excitation of the EM field.

    Is the EM field omnipresent in all (time-space) the universe?


    Does the photon creates/emit an EM field around it?
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    I would say the electromagnetic field (or more precisel, the electromagnetic potential field) exists in all space-time. This is the usual quantum field theory theoretical basis (not only for photons, but all particles too) which is used to construct the standard model. Also, a photon cannot 'create' an EM field as it has no electric charge.
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    Hi San K! :smile:
    Photons are everywhere anyway!

    (eg the cosmic microwave background :wink:)
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    If you change the title to existing and excited. Voila
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    Thanks Kevin, tiny-tim and RGauld.

    Lol RGauld......good idea.
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