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Fields in general background

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    Hi everybody!

    I'm studing some classical field theory in general backgrounds. Of course the most beautiful way of doing so is using differential forms. For example, the lagrangian density of a massless scalar field would be
    [tex]L_{\phi}=d\phi\wedge * d\phi,[/tex]​
    while the lagrangian density for a YM field is
    [tex]L_{YM}=\left<d_A A\wedge *d_A A\right>. [/tex]​

    However, once one is interested in adding spinors, tetrads (and spin connection) enter into action...
    [tex]L_{\psi}=\epsilon_{abcd}\bar{\psi}\Gamma^a e^b e^c e^d (d+\omega)\psi,[/tex]​
    with [tex]e^{a}[/tex] the tetrad 1-form and [tex]\omega[/tex]
    the spin-connection 1-form.

    Although all lagrangian densities are coordinate independent, they are written in different ways... Is there a form of writing the first two using tetrads and spin connection?

    Thanks in advance!
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