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Fields of Avionics

  1. Oct 14, 2008 #1
    Anyone know a good field that lets me learn more about the engines of an airplane and the dynamics of flight. If you can tell me of a good school that can teach me this, it would be really helpful.
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    Are you looking from a designer's point of view or a mechanic's point of view? There are a lot of aeronautical schools out there. I am of the opinion that nothing in this area beats on the job training though.
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    I am looking more of the mechanics point of view
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    Welcome to PF, SFS.
    Fred's your best source for this. I merely want to point out that the title of your thread might be a bit misleading to other possible respondents. The term 'avionics' generally refers to the electronics associated with aircraft, specifically instrumentation, rather than flight dynamics and mechanics. You might want to ask a Mentor to retitle this as 'Fields of Aeronautics'. It might increase your readership in the proper context.
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    I would suggest that any school that teaches airframe and powerplant cetification courses (A&P). They give good general working knowledge of those areas. The big question is where do you live and what is near you. If you were willing to travel, colleges like Embry Riddle would be a good fit.
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