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Fierz transformations

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    If I have a product like

    \bar\ psi\gamma^\mu\psi\bar\psi\gamma_\mu\psi

    how can i rearrange with Fierz transformations?
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    I assume, you meant to write

    V(4,2;3,1) = \bar{\psi}(4) \gamma_{a} \psi(2) \bar{\psi}(3) \gamma^{a} \psi(1)

    The Fietz transformation is

    [tex]V(4,2;3,1) = \left( - S + \frac{1}{2} V - \frac{1}{2} A + P \right) (4,1;3,2)[/tex]


    [tex]S(4,1;3,2) = \bar{\psi}(4) \psi(1) \bar{\psi}(3) \psi(2)[/tex]

    A(4,1;3,2) = \bar{\psi}(4) \gamma_{5} \gamma_{a} \psi(1) \bar{\psi}(3) \gamma^{a}\gamma_{5} \psi(2)

    P(4,1;3,2) = \bar{\psi}(4) \gamma_{5} \psi(1) \bar{\psi}(3) \gamma_{5} \psi(2)

    and similar one for V(4,1;3,2). See page 160-162 in Itzykson & Zuber; QFT.


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    Thanks a lot, Sam. This is what I was looking for.

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