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Fifth metatarsal fracture

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    I have recently been fortunate and clumsy enough to suffer an acute injury leading to a break in my foot which ultimately might be diagnosed today as a "Jones Fracture".

    The demeanor of the AP that treated it last week was less than reassuring. Anybody have any anecdotal contributions of prognosis (positive or negative), tricks they used to deal with it, things to really watch out for? Thanks everyone.
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    No anecdotes, but according to Dr. Wikipedia, you don't have cancer. I think that's a first for Dr. Wikipedia. He treats everything as cancer.

    It does sound like a serious break requiring surgery, but hardly life threatening. It may be a while before your dancing again.
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    Sorry to hear about your injury, I hope you get better soon, but we don't really allow people giving advice, even if you may not take it, someone else might come along with a similar injury and think the advice is sound medical advice and avoid seeing a doctor. So, we always say, "see a doctor". :biggrin:
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