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Figure this!

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    A man is found in an empty room hanged by a noose hanging from the ceiling, which is the only thing in the room other than himself at the time of discovery. How did he do it?
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    Stood on a block of ice which then evaporated away.
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    he did it with th help of an accomplice who then ran away never to be seen again
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    If dst is right and this is that old puzzle, it should be stated that "the only other thing in the room is a puddle of water."

    Is there a different solution this time?
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    It could have been a block of dry ice. Or the body has been there long enough for the water to evaporate, we don't know the temperature in the room. But then we might have some other juices leaking onto the floor by that time also.
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    I know this one - I've read it before. Here's the answer:

    The man was the store manager for an IKEEEA outlet that was selling defective chairs. Over the weeks since this began, thousands of angry customers demanding refunds for their broken chairs were rebuffed by this manager. Some that got to meet him in person were slapped in the face and sent home. Others received postcards with a picture of the manager himself, laughing diabolically by a pile of firewood. Some others that called in, were given directions to a "product exchange" location that turned out to be a lumber yard in a very bad part of town.

    Meeting each other at an internet forum that reviews furniture, the disgruntled customers (numbering 3,421 in all) hatched a plan of revenge. They (all 3,421 of them) ambushed the manager during his drive home one day, and took him to an empty room. Once inside, they (again, yes...all 3,421 of them) attached a noose to the ceiling, and proceeded to open up an IKEEEA box containing the parts for the repeatedly faulty chair. Slowly they assembled the chair and positioned it under the noose. Then they forced the man to stand on the chair and tightened the noose around his neck.

    Surely soon, the chair would break, and the manager would meet a fitting end. But after waiting for 14 days straight, nothing happened. On the fourteenth day, the manager died of starvation. The satisfied customers then extracted the chair from under him, dissembled it, stuffed the parts into the original box, picked up the 1.3 tons of trash they had generated, and left...not bothering to close the door behind them.
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    ha ha gokul, good one. Evo, you will be getting a pm
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    GROSS!! :yuck:
  10. Jan 3, 2008 #9
    The room was actually a barn. The man had originally used a stack of hay to reach the rafters from which he is hanging. After he hung himslef livestock came and ate the hay, now they have left, hence the room is empty and the man is dead.
  11. Jan 3, 2008 #10

    Vacuum pump.

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    Yah I think this puzzle might have been trickier if
    1] the door had been locked from the inside
    2] it had been told 20 years ago.

  13. Jan 3, 2008 #12
    the empty room syndrome except for the dead guy the noose the anchor point etc etc

    Is he really dead ?????

    Is the room water tight ?
    Can the dead guy levitate, Pre-death of course ?

    perhaps the room has no gravity at certain times of the day or has a strong ventilation system ?

    How high is the ceiling ?
    How tall is the corpse ?
    How long is the piece of string ?

  14. Jan 3, 2008 #13
    Noose located half-way up the rope;
    Man climbs up rope, inserts head & lets go;
    Gravity takes it revenge;
    Let the juices flow...
  15. Jan 3, 2008 #14
    Gravity is not Vengeful.

    It is merely a bystander in events, in which it is unknowingly an accomplice

    "let the juices flow . . . " yet another even in which gravity has been used as an accomplice . . . . . . . . .
  16. Jan 3, 2008 #15
    Lol, your all hitting too far off.....way to far. The first two responses got it. He was standing on a block of dry ice, and it sublimated.
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