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Homework Help: Filament light globe current

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    Hi there,

    can anyone pls explain why
    1. the current through a filament light globe is greater in the first few milliseconds after it is turned on before it reaches it's "steady" glow?

    2. is it better to have headlights in a motos vehicle connected in parallel rather than in series?

    greatly appreciated!
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    1. filliment resistance is temperature depentent.

    2. In series one goes out both go out. In parallel they go out one at a time.

    You do realize we have a homework help forum?
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    The resistance of an electrical conductor varies with it's temperature.

    Wired in series, if one headlight failed, the current would no longer be conducted to the other headlight.
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    RE: resistor

    Hi there,

    thanks for your help.

    I now realised that there's a homework help section... I'm new to this forum. thanks again
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