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Filing taxes as a student

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    I am wondering if anyone here could provide some information about filing taxes as a student? It's my first year doing it, and I am wondering what tax breaks I am eligible for. I have been reading "this"[/URL] but I'm not quite sure which items I benefit for and which will give me the most benefit! I figured there must be a few students on here who file. Any help would be appreciated! :D

    I only earned $700 in income last year (workstudy) and everything else was loans and grants. My questions are:
    1. Do I qualify for a tax credit AND a tax deduction?
    2. Will a tax deduction even do anything for me?
    3. What credit/deduction is the best for most students?
    4. Can I use a 1040EZ with a credit/deduction or must I file a 1040A?
    5. Did the stimulus bill/education bill provide anything new for this year?
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    Some of those grants may be taxable. You had better check; it may bump your income a lot (not hard with only $700 in income).

    Regarding deductions, all you need is the standard deduction -- if you are eligible. Are your parent(s) claiming you as a deduction?

    Yes, big time. You, or your parent(s), really, really want to look into the American Opportunity Credit. That includes a "refundable" credit. So WTF is a refundable credit? You probably paid next to nothing in taxes on that $700 income. A refundable credit means you can receive a "refund" on money you never paid to the IRS. Disguised welfare, but do take advantage of it.

    If your parent(s) can claim you as a deductable, they, rather than you, are the ones who can claim this credit.
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    Are you able to claim the american opportunity credit for tuition that was paid for by government loans/grants?
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