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Homework Help: Fill in the gaps

  1. Oct 12, 2003 #1
    The Kilowatt _____1_____ is often referred to as the unit of electrical energy. 10kWh = ___2____ units, which could be 10 ____3____ for 1 hour, or 5kW for ___4____ hours, or ____5____ kW for 10 hours.

    All i could get were

    2 = 10 units
    5 = 1kW
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    Is this really a college course? I can only say I hope the problems are going to get harder!

    What do you think the "h" in kWh stands for?

    You got 5 correct: 1 kW for 10 hours= 10 kWh of electrical energy.

    Now think: 5 kW for how many hours= 10 kWh (In other words: 5 times what equals 10!) (that's number 4.)

    Number 3, "10 ____3____ for 1 hour" is asking for the units.
    10 *1= 10 so what units times hours gives kWh?
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