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Filling Rate

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    How to calculate the filling rate of 32mm dia pipe(15m length) arrange vertically from ground to second floor with 0.2bar pressure from main supply? the storage tank capacity is 200gal at the roof of second floor. Tq
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    0.2 bar will only raise about 2 metres, are you sure you have that pressure right?
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    Yup..we get the data based on the reading at site. Initially we want to add booster system to supply the water. But client doesn't want it. They prefer the storage tank to be connected directly to the main below. They aware about the low water pressure. I know 0.2bar will only raise about 2 metres. But eventually the water will accumulate slowly and finally will filling the storage tank on top. I just want to know how to calculate the filling rate based on the low pressure so that i can show to the client that the system will not work without the booster.
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    jack action

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    Nope, it will never happen; it will only stay at the 2 m height without ever going higher. The pressure at the bottom of a 15 m pipe filled with water is 1.47 bar. That is the entire concept behind hydraulic head.
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    I see..so at lease 1.47 bar at the main supply will be needed to fill the water to the top storage tank. Thanks a lot Jack..
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    In that size pipe you need at least 1.5 bar to get 5 gpm, with valves and bends, I'd say you want at least 1.75 bar. I would design this system for 2 to be safe. But you could get away with a little less if it's more economically practical.
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