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Film the Core question

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    I have not seen the film however in the advertising they say that they must stop a weapon that will stop the earth spinning. I was wondering what orbital effect this would have on the earth in realtion to the sun and moon. I also wondered what gravitational effect this would have on us standing on the earth. Basically is there any effect from rotation and centrifugal force forcing us out therefore acting against gravity from the spin. If this is the case, are we heavier if we stood at the poles and lighter at the equator due to our position in relation to the spin of the earth??

    PLease forgive my newbie posting and if this is the wrong part of the forum for this.
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    You are lighter at the equator, by about 5%, due to the centrifugal force. The core's rotation, however, doesn't matter -- only the rotation at the surface.

    - Warren
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    Re: Re: Film the Core question

    The Earth's radius is also slightly bigger at equator.
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