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Filming Crystals

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    Not sure if this is right place to be asking-here goes:
    Am a video art student and am interested
    in capturing crystals in liquid-

    Have noticed crystal formation in some semi freezing oil which visually is pretty interesting!

    Really not knowledgable in the field of chemistry / physics, think i read something that said: the longer the freezing process of a substance the larger the crystals.

    Anybody out there whose got any ideas on creating interesting crystal formations to photograph?
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    Filming liquid crystals change phase using polarized illumination with a quarter wave plate filter gives very interesting colored, kaliedoscope-type effects. You have to photograph it through the appropriate microscope, of course.

    http://www.lci.kent.edu/polmicpic.html [Broken]
    http://www.maths.soton.ac.uk/staff/Sluckin/lc.html [Broken]
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    chx for the website lowdown: seems like its not as hard as i thought to do.
    The allum crystals look pretty cool in massive sheets!
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