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Filter Benchmarking system?

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    Say I have a design for a filter, is there a method of bench-marking it's attenuation over a variety of loads and types of harmonics? (or even common and differential noises)

    For instance, say I wanted to compare a filter to an LC filter or a π filter, how does one evaluate how much better or worse these are to each other and to other filters?

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    In simulation, you would use one of the SPICE packages, preferably one that lets you use Monte Carlo variations to explore what happens over component tolerances.

    For actual circuits, you can use a Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator Output to scan the input signal to the filter and plot the output response (gain, not phase). Alternately, you can use the Gain-Phase measurement capability of an Impedance/Gain-Phase analyzer instrument like the HP 4194 (we have several in our Lab)...

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    Thanks for the reply.
    Also, is there any testing methodology for performing assessment with more basic equipment like a signal generator and an oscilloscope?
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    Yes, you can certainly do basic testing with a signal generator and oscilloscope. You just end up using the cursors on the 'scope to make your amplitude and phase shift measurements, and putting them into a spreadsheet by hand for plotting. Display both the input and output waveforms on the display and make your measurements at frequencies of interest. I did that plenty back in my school days, before I had access to Gain-Phase instruments like the HP 4194. :smile:
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