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Filter HCL with limelayers

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Im in my final internship for my bachelor mechanical enginering. And i have to design the filter system of a cremation proces. The fluegas is filled with toxic concentrations. Such as mercury, PCDD/PCDF, HCL, NOx

    The mercury and dioxine i will filter using activated carbon , fixed bed.

    And for the HCL i want to use limelayer. (also fixed bed). I did alot of research but i can not find out how to calculate the minimum amount i need.

    With activated carbon i can use the formule:

    contact time (s) = Beddept (m) / Linear velocity (m/s)

    Linear velocity = Flow / surface

    For activated carbon to filter mercury i need at least 3 sec contact time and a linear velocity between 5 and 40 cm/s.

    Now my question: can i use the same formule for the reaction between HCL and lime?
    And what is the contact time? linear velocity?

    Or can anybody help me where i can find the information on how to calculate with this.


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    I suggest you post this in the "Chemistry" forum.
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