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Filter pump and venturi metre

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    hello every one :smile: i dont know if this is really the correct place for posting this question but here it goes!:wink: Can somebody tell me how the venturi metre and the filter pump work?

    thanx in advance! :blushing:
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    Welcome to PF, Cruiser. I can't speak for the others, but I personally would need a lot more information in the question. To start with, do you mean a venturi meter? The term metre refers to a unit of linear measurement. If so, would this be a vacuum gauge?
    And the term 'filter pump' means nothing to me. Clarification is needed (by me, but others might know what you're asking about already). To me, a pump and a filter are separate entities.
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    Is this a pressure meter, or a flow meter?? mass flow meters use a pressure differential to measure flow rate, and using bernoulli's eq you can easily determine the flow rate. essentially a pressure gage and a flow gage measure the same parameter (pressure), but the flow reading is an indirect measurement.
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