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Filtering - Hall effect measurement with van der pauw method

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    Filtering -- Hall effect measurement with van der pauw method

    Hi guys,

    I would be pleased if somebody can help me regarding my measurement configuration.
    At the moment I am trying to measure hall voltage using following setup:

    On one side is current generator which is feeding the current inside the sample that has to be measured. On the other side I have voltmeter. (between sample and voltmeter as well as in between of sample and current generator I have relays which are used for switching(van der pauw method)).
    Namely problem is that I am getting some peaks in my measurement. One peak is appearing some time(we are speaking about micro seconds) after start of measurement. Can it be due to switch of the current source or what else can it be?

    I prepared setup for adding some RLC blocks for smoothing or filtering signal. Which configuration would you suggest to add in circuit? Thanks in advance,

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