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Filtering resumes or employing individuals

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    Hello, after reading through the forum i see that many of you (at one stage or another) have been responsible for filtering resumes or employing individuals.

    Do you have any pet hates, do / do-nots for writing CVs or any other helpful tips?

    Thank You in advance
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    Everyone has different things they like and don't like. Your best bet is to employ a general strategy that appeals to the majority of readers. Personally I like putting my name in the top left corner with a bigger font and in bold. I also try to use bullets as much as possible. The layout can be designed to catch the readers eye and make it easy for the reader to skim through the information. It is hard to explain what layouts work really well on a message board though, because I'd have to show you examples. You can probably search online for tips and stuff. I read a book that covered resume writing in detail and it helped me a great deal.
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    the resumes are mostly all the same. its the reference letters i focus on. i try to distinguish between letters that say the person is ok and letters that say the person is really exceptional.

    i.e. the main thing you can do in preparing your resume is to do good work, and make people aware of it. then they say the nice things about you behind your back.

    but if you happen to have some significant publications in a good journal make that clear.

    new phd's can do little to enhance their own resume except maybe write a persuasive letter about their teaching philosophy, and their plans for research, but even then it is far easier to aspire to be a good teacher than to be one.

    but any really intelligent ideas on research may come through. just do the best work you can, and talk to people about it, and let them say things about you that you would never think of yourself.

    if someone actually solves one of my conjectures, on his own, then i say strong things about him. up until then it's mostly, "he/she knows a lot and works hard, and it looks as if he/she will turn out well".
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