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Finagles Law

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    Simon Bridge

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    The perversity of the Universe tends to a maximum ...

    strictly this is O'Toole's Corollary of Finagle's Law.
    basically entropy taken personally

    denote the amount of Perversity as P, then we can, perhaps, take comfort in the implication that P is bounded.

    There does appear to be an asymmetry though - finding yourself in a situation with a particular P value, attempting to reduce it only makes P bigger... like trying to act with authority and/or gravitas immediately after slipping on a banana skin.

    certainly different locations have different P values Congress (anybodies/any kind) vs ... I dunno - 5-star dining.
    is it possible to lower ones own P value by increasing someone elses by a greater amount - so, say, by satirising authorities we become less perverse ourselves? Basically becoming a manifestation of the perversity visited upon them by the UNiverse?

    Time for that whiskey...
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