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Final exams - need help with study schedule

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    Final exams -- need help with study schedule

    Hi all. I am a 2nd year ChE major. I've done pretty well in my gen physics, chem, calc courses and have almost all of my humanities done. This semester I'm taking Thermodynamics, Organic Chem, Linear algebra, and a history course. I'm also working in a research position with a ChE dept prof.

    A little background - this is a second career for me, I'm 31, married with 2 kids. I did make the sacrifice not to work so that I can have more time for studies, but of course, I still don't have as much free time as the average student. And I admit I do not have the best study habits. I didn't *need* to study a ton in my intro courses and I have been rudely awakened this semester.

    I'm doing really well in Calc, I've gotten a 99 and 90 on the two exams with one more this Wednesday. And it's best 2/3 so I feel confident.

    I'm not doing so well in OChem. I admit I slacked off. Exams are, again, best 2 of 3. I got an 82, 57, and completely failed exam 3 with a 16.

    Thermodynamics is similar, I got a 47 and a 72 on those exams, both count towards final grade.

    I am hoping that you all can help me figuring out a good guideline for studying for my finals. I have my calc final on 5/10, OChem on 5/12, and Thermo on 5/13. I know I need to devote more time to the chem courses because I have a good grasp on the math. But I'm kind of feeling helpless with the dates looming. Thanks.
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