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Final lifting weight on a static pulley system?

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    Dear Advisor,

    I tried to read books and searched all around before posting new topic here... I'm carying out testing a hoisting winch at load 400 kN through a system as in picture.
    My problem is that due to fiber rope i only can measure exactly wire tension by a load cell installed through shackle at weight end, so is the formular in locked thread "https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=392239" can be applied in my case to find the friction loss then i will deduct and lift an exactly weight less than 400 kN that will give me tension 400 kN at the end of pulley A, the weight of pulley B and C is pretty heavy also.
    Hope someone tell me what should i need to find in this case, thanks very much

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