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Final temp of copper ball

  1. Dec 5, 2005 #1
    A copper ball with a radius of 1.4cm is heated until its diameter has increased by 0.22mm. Assuming a room temperature of 22*C, find the final temperature of the ball.

    well what i did was i used linear expansion for this and i didnt get it right. i used (delta)L=(alpha)initial L*(delta)Temperature....solving for temperature
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    Well in order to do this... you must use volume expansion since it is not a rod gaining length.... so you must use the equation.... (delta)V = 3*alpha*V*(delta)T and for (delta)V you can substitute in V1-V2
    and remember that you must have it in raidus and not diameter when finding (delta)V so... since the radius then increases by (d/2) you have to remember to convert to meters for both of the radius...
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