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Homework Help: Final velocity of the cart

  1. Nov 14, 2007 #1
    A shopper pushes a 25.0kg cart intially at rest with a froce of 25.0N directed at an angel 25 degress downward from the horizontal over a distance of 5.00m

    a) the work done by th shopper is ?
    b) The final velocity of the cart is
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  3. Nov 14, 2007 #2
    You'll need to know the equation for finding work done. If you draw out what is happening and then apply the forces of gravity, normal force, and force forward, you'll be able to determine the final velocity without much issue.

    I'm noticing that if you have the equations for your various questions as well as draw some free body diagrams (images depicting all forces acting on the object), you probably will be able to get them without much issue.
  4. Nov 14, 2007 #3
    W= F*cosO * X

    So 25*cos 25 * 5= 113J
    is this write

    b) v= 2*g*h the square root of that answer
    so it 9.9
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