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Final year project (GSM)

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    Hi guys,

    I'm a final year Electrical Engineering student need help from you guys. my project is to build a system that will help the student to know their final semester result via sms. it designed using Microsoft Access for its database and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 as interface.

    my question is, is there any chance that Microsoft VB and Microsoft Access can be used together to upload data through GSM ( global system for system communication ) module?

    student need help,
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    The answer is yes, but the solution is problematic and you will spend a lot of time making up the interface between the GSM and VB. Good luck with this.
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    A way that could be done is using PHPMailer, you could set up fields in the db that contain phone number and service provider. Use a PHPMailer script that would send [Semester_Result] to [Phone_Number]@[Service_provider].(net/com/org depends per service provider, look at their websites to see how to do it) on a specific date. I am pretty sure that you can use VB also to look up and send via PHP Mailer or some other web address.

    Doing it this way would result in SMS / Text Message which almost any phone can receive, not just GSM enabled phones.

    Only problem might be setting up PHPMailer on a Windows machine... I've only ever used Linux for it.
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    have anyone known where i can get information about gsm project??
    have someone can help sent me circuit detail for make gsm project??
    my email
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    Probably the best way is to contact your cell phone service provider and see if there is a cell phone to PC interface that will allow this.
    An alternate possibility is e-mailing messages to the cell phone.
    Or the phone service provider might provide a net interface you can post text messages to.
    MS VB has controls for e-mail and net connection, but you might need to write your own .dll in C to access an interface unless one is provided.

    In any event, building your own circuit to attempt to access the cell phone system is going to be highly frowned upon.
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