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Final Year Project Ideas.

  1. Oct 23, 2009 #1
    Hey guys,

    Thought this would be a good place for people to post up some ideas for some Mechanical Engineering related projects that could be interesting for a "Final Year Project" concept.

    To clarify, in Australia, part of our engineering degree is essentially a year long project which is relatively self supported, under the supervision of academic staff... Basically you do research in something related to mechanical engineering, and it all comes down to a presentation at the end of the year in front of a panel of academics, as well as a report on the topic.

    I am currently looking for some good ideas for this project, as I plan on starting it next year, and I think it could be interesting to bounce some ideas around here.

    This could be a broad area of study that you find interesting, a problem that you know needs fixing, or anything that you think could make a really interesting project.

    The constraints are as follows:
    It MUST be related to engineering, specifically Mechanical Engineering.
    It needs to be a project that is in depth enough to warrant a whole year of study, yet not be so complex that it is unlikely to see any progress in that time.
    There is university funding, but it is not unlimited, so ideas that are relatively cheap to achieve are preferred... (but don't let that limit you, making it cheap may be part of the process.)

    Points are awarded to members who post the most original and interesting ideas.

    Try to have fun with it, I'm sure most people would agree that an interesting project is much more productive than a boring one that noone cares about!

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