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Finally back.

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    I'm finally done moving back to Pittsburgh for the summer. Now that I FINALLY figured out how to connect to the university network here, I can finally spend time on PF again!

    (You really don't know how addictied to the internet you are until you don't have it! Those two days were torture!)
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    Welcome back to PF G01 :biggrin:
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    I really wasn't gone for more than a couple days, yet it feels much longer for some reason. (Again, you never know your how addicted you are to something until you are without it!)
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    It felt like being blind, huh?

    I can't imagine how people lived without the internet. How I lived without the Internet all those years...
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    <smacks G01 with a stinKy, ammonianated fish>

    How dare you leave and not tell me!!! :grumpy:
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