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Finally found Osama bin Laden

  1. Sep 28, 2008 #1
    I knew if we were ever going to find him I'd have to take matters into my own hand so I decided to try a little numberology, a little known science I invented about 4 minutes ago.
    first we take OSAMA BIN LADEN and cross it with the leading ticket for president/vice president OBAMA BIDEN. Do a little cross cancelling and we are left with B on one side and SNLA on the other. Bring the B over to the other side, making it negative leaves us with (-B)SNLA which obviously translates into -BS (negative BS, or this is not bullsh*t) N (phonetically identical to "in") LA (either Los Angeles or Louisiana) We've been looking in the wrong place all along.
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    Not funny.
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    LOL, tribdog, you've got a lot of time on your hands! Hey, at least you've moved on from making 'motivational' comments to new members in the photo thread! :rofl:
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    It's not bad humor, it's just not funny. But I've had enough let downs about finding that A-Hole. It gets old.
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    if I was a mentor I'd probably be to busy to do bad things
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    Every time you post I get funny feelings..........in my pants. I've been bad, warn me.... yeah rack up those warning points.........oooo yeah.
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    -BSNLA: I take that as meaning there isn't any BS in either Los Angeles or Louisiana. It is obvious that is wrong since there is lots of BS in both those locations. You must have made a mistake someplace.
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    Osama bin Binden
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    You...mentor? HELL NO!
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    I was expecting you to work SArah PALin into this some how, and her foreign policy experience, and her recent (about 4 minutes ago) interest in bin Laden.

    Don't let me down trib.
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    When I cross cancel using PALIN I ended up with -B SPI. Now the negative obviously means there are some letters missing and if we rearrange the letters... SIPB..no. PSBI..no...PISB...holy crap he's in PIttSBurg.
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    Way too much time....but I say we all pitch in a few dollars and give them to tribdog and he can be our hero :biggrin: You can capture Osama for us all:wink::approve:
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    hahaha... ahh I love tribdog.
  16. Oct 3, 2008 #15
    I thought he was hiding in your sock drawer and you discovered him when you were pulling out a pair of argyles.
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