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Finally, some research I can use!

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    Doc Al

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    Nice, I'm always looking for a way to potentiate my coffee buzz :biggrin: Typically, I jog a couple of miles in the morning just after I wake up. Pow, a nice iced americano or mocha really hits you hard then.

    I can't wait until the day I walk into a Starbucks and see half the people in there slumped over the tables as if they'd been gassed. Good times!
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    I stumbled on that concept several years ago. Typically when I was tired I would drink my coffee and then stay on my feet waiting for it to kick in.

    One morning after drinking my cuppa I was so tired I sat down in my recliner and dozed off. By the time the caffeine hit my brain I was awake and ready to go.

    Should we call that recliner science.:approve:
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    How about we collect data here informally on how well this idea works?
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