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Financial Aid

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    Based on around a $12 000 yearly salary, how much financial aid can I get in addition to help from a state residency?
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    That probably depends on which state and/or which university you're thinking of.
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    Definately depends on which state and university. Even then it would be hard to say for sure but I could probably give you a rough estimate based on what I got and what some of my friends got.
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    There are a lot of factors involved too, including when you apply, what sort of mood the person is in who makes the decisions, etc. I also found that it seems athletes are a lot needier than normal students when it comes to need based financial aid. I didn't go to a state school though.
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    Thanks for the replies. I was thinking either the UC system (University of California system) or a state university in Ohio.
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    Well I'm not exactly sure and it does vary a lot but depending on your situation. You might get a few thousand dollars in pell grants and stafford loans. What you should do is just apply to both schools and fill out your fafsa at www.fafsa.gov. You will then recieve financial aid packets from the schools telling you how much you are getting. Then you can make your decision. You could also ask the school for more money (this works more with private schools). I got an extra few thousands dollars added onto my scholarship by writing a letter to the financial aid department in my school.
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    I see. The money for university is quite a bit (considering room and board as well). How possible would it be for me to limit the overall costs to within $2 000 a semester (lately, its been starting to sound unlikely)?
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    Depending on how much aid/scholarship you get it could be very possible. I got a lot of scholarship from my school and a little from the state to where I get about $10,000 a year back from the school which I then use to pay for my apartment and books. If you go to a state school in a state you currently have residence in and you got some financial aid from the state it would be possible to keep your overall costs to within $2000 a semester. It is very unlikely though. I wouldn't get your hopes up or get too discouraged until after you get your financial aid packet. After that you can figure out what is possible or what you need to do in order to make one option possible.
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    I see. Thanks. One additional question: I've also been self-studying material, so I was wondering if it was possible to take a test for a few courses before enrolling into an institution?
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    There are AP exams you can take to place out of certain math/science classes. I never looked into any of this because my high school didn't offer AP classes and I didn't self study anything before college. Maybe someone that did go this route can offer more insight. When applying or after getting accepted talk to the admissions office about it and they will be able to let you know if it would be possible for you.
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    Depends on the school. Mine mostly lets you test out of pre-reqs if you show that you're qualified, rather then actually getting credit for the course. Some schools also take CLEP exams, but the exams are starting to be phased out, so you need to talk to the school. AP exams are more widely accepted (I got 30 credits out of them), but they're also a high school/special class thing.
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