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Financial Mathematics

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    hy,,,, We are doing work in the field of financial mathematics. Is there any one who can colaborate with us in the field of financial planing.
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    The original amount of an inheritance was just sufficient at 8% effective to pay 5000 at the end of each year for 10 years.the payments of 5000 were made for the first 5 years even though the fund actually
    Earned 10% effective.how much excess interest was in the fund at the end of 5 years?

    answer is 3544.22..plz help me in finding the approach to solve it

    it is a kind of amorization I think.:wink:
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    If anyone know the answer please tell me..I need it:cry:
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    Use Wiki or Excel:
    future value of annuity, present value of an annuity, finance calcs. for engineers, equipment replacement strategies, etc.
    It's on the Web or in any tech lib.
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    Nobody here will do your homework for you.
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