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Financial Maths?

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    Financial Maths??

    I am soon graduating and researching about different degrees in different school.
    At this time, I am looking at Master in Financial Mathematics. I have found some schools that offer such degree. Degree's description from Stanford and U of Chicago are really interesting me. Now, my concerns are that
    1) How is the employability Master in Financial Maths in recent market?
    2) What are the good schools that offer such degree?
    3) Should I choose engineering Maths or financial Maths from income aspect?
    Here is the list of school that I know of offering such degree.
    Name of School
    UT Austin
    UI Chicago

    Brief Information about myself
    Applied Maths and Statistic Major, expect to graduate in spring 2007. My major interest would me modeling and application of Maths. GRE and GRE subject test have not been taken. I wish to live in large city again. I am currently taking macroeconomic and microeconomic to extend my business aspect. I wish to work oversea within few years because I love to travel. Last, I just love to do math.
    Any opinion is truly appreciated.
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    Check out the forums at wilmott.com. Lots of quants there.
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    thanks lots, this is what i need.
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