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Find Associates developing structural software

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    Hi, I am Pham Vu Hong Linh from Vietnam.

    I've been creating an application call 7cad Section Designer to calculate the inertia properties and the strength of section.

    The application using AutoCAD as graphical media and save section as a block in AutoCAD drawing. Because AutoCAD allows block-nesting, then 7cad Section allows section-nesting too.

    With 7cad Section Designer, you can create a section of anyshape, solid or hollow, single material or compound material. The application would run the integration calculation and give you the report of the Area, Moment of Inertia, Radius of Gyration … For compound section, the area of subsections would be scaled proportionally respect to their Elastic Modulus.

    You can see the illustration and download the application from my weblog at http://7cad.wordpress.com/7cad-section/. It is a demo version, and is completely free to use.

    I thought my application is really great. In the next version, I would build in it the steel section library database. Further more, with this background, I can develop the application to design structural members, and generate drafting drawing, automatically and directly on AutoCAD.

    I hope somebody here might find in my project is valuable for his or her company. So far this application is a private project, developing all by myself. Then, I would be very happy to have cooperation with other team.

    You can be a software developer, or you can be structural engineering office. If you interest in having my application integrate with your working system, please contact me via my email or my weblog at 7cad.wordpress.com.

    Thank you.
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