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Find b from a = b^x

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    How to find b from a = b^x mod x^2, where a and x are known? prime factors p and q of x are also known.
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    in modular arithmetic please!
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    Use Euler's theorem.
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    thanks dragonfall, i looked up the euler's theorem but i don't see how to apply it to my problem. could you please elaborate how? thanks!
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    I'm sorry, I think I'm mistaken with Euler's theorem.

    If [tex]a\equiv b^n (\mod n^2)[/tex] then [tex]|a-kn^2|=b^n[/tex] for some k which can be computed easily. Then you can use an n-th root extraction algorithm, without modular arithmetic.

    But then I'm not using the fact that the factors of n are known, so maybe this isn't a good solution. Maybe I missed something.
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    What I said above is an exponential algorithm, so please ignore it.
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    Is there necessarily a unique solution, e.g. 0^6 = 6^6 mod 36
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