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Homework Help: Find dy/dx

  1. Aug 5, 2011 #1
    Y= sin^(-1)⁡〖x+ sin^(-1)⁡√((1-x^2 ) 〗
    Please show steps for it...
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    Since this problem has nothing to do with "differential equations", I am moving it.
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    There are some funny looking symbols in there. I will assume that the function is
    [tex]y= sin^{-1}(x+ sin^{-1}(\sqrt{1- x^2}))[/tex]

    Let [itex]u(x)= 1- x^2[/itex], [itex]v(u)= \sqrt{u}= u^{1/2}[/itex], and [itex]w(v)= sin^{-1}(v)[/itex]. Then use the chain rule.
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    Moderator's note:

    This looks like homework, or at the very least a textbook-style problem. Even if it's for independent study and not assigned coursework, this thread should in the Homework & Coursework Questions forums.

    I am moving it to the Calculus & Beyond homework forum. Please note that the usual rules for homework help are in effect.

    EDIT: in case it isn't clear -- we should let the OP reply with an attempt at solving this before offering further help.
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