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Homework Help: Find equation in slope-intercept form

  1. Sep 8, 2005 #1
    find equation in slope-intercept form for line through (-2, 3/4) and (2/3, 5/2)
    does y=21/32x+33/16 seem right?

    find equation in slope-intercept form for line through
    Horizontal, through (8,7)
    is it y=7??

    find equation in slope-intercept form for line with x-intercept -2/3 and perpendicular to 2x-y=4
    does y=-1/2x+1/3 right?
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    You can test your first equation by substituting the points back into your equation.

    The second equation y = 7 implies that for all x values the y value are 7. Does this seem right to you?

    Your last equation cannot be right since the y-intercept is not the given one!
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  4. Sep 9, 2005 #3
    On this one, I got what you did, except the y-intercept of mine was negative. When I substituted -2/3 for x in y=-1/2x, i got 0=1/3 + b, therefore moving it to the other side would yield a negative....
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