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Homework Help: Find g of the wire?

  1. Nov 8, 2008 #1
    An astronaut on a small planet wishes to measure the local value of g by timing pulses traveling down a wire which has a large mass suspended from it. Assume that the wire has a mass of 3.70 g and a length of 1.60 m and that a 3.00 kg mass is suspended from it. A pulse requires 43.6 ms to traverse the length of the wire. Calculate the local g from these data. (You may neglect the mass of the wire when calculating the tension in it.)

    I tried to solve the qustion by doing g= length * mstring/ ( mweight*t^2) and i got .001 but the answer is wrong
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    Hi lulu16,

    I don't see how you are getting 0.001 as your answer. What numbers are you putting into your formula?
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