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Homework Help: Find how many wavelengths of a wave are in a section of wire

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    1. A string with linear density 2.0 g/m is strecthed along the positive x-axis with tension 20N. One end of the string, at x=0m, is tied to a hook that oscillates up and down with a frequency of 100 Hz and a max displacement of 1.0mm. AT t=0s, the hook is at its lowest point.
    a) What are the wave speed on the string and the wavelength?
    b) what are the amplitude and phase constant of the wave?
    c) write the equation for the displacement D(x,t) of the traveling wave.
    d) what is the strings displacement at x=0.50 m and t=15ms?

    2. v=lambda*f, w=2pi*f

    3. I'm just confused about the whole problem. I dont understand how the tension plays in to the whole thing.
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